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We will start adding more users to the pink leechers group soon. We arent going to play ratio police right now, but we can see some members are downloading gigabytes and gigabytes of music while giving nothing back. If this doesnt start to change, any user in the pink group will have downloading privileges reduced, and then suspended. Seeding is done automatically by your torrent client, and requires you to do nothing more than have your PC on, and connected to the internet. That's it. Uploading a new torrent to the site is not too hard, you can use the testing section to try it out, and there are guides in the help section.

Punk, Oi!, & Ska Torrents


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Punk Torrents

punk rock & hardcore

Oi! Torrents

oi! & skinhead rock n' roll

Ska Torrents

ska & reggae

Psychobilly Torrents

psychobilly & rockabilly

Video Torrents

underground and documentary-style videos only, do not post mainstream shit here

FLAC Torrents

Lossless Recordings Only, for any genre already allowed on the site.

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all other torrents go here


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offer what ya got


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official updates from POS staff

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serious topics only


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post naked pics of your girlfriend here

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fuckin around


ask questions and get help here


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ya dun goofed

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